Your contribution is an investment in hope for an abused child.

How does your tax-deductible contribution to the Children’s Advocacy Center of Brevard help abused children?

All child sexual abuse and the most serious physical abuse and neglect are referred to the Children’s Advocacy Center. That’s when the child and family are introduced to caring professionals who have dedicated themselves to helping children through the nightmare of abuse. There’s no need for the child to experience the oftentimes additional trauma inflicted by a typical investigation. The child is not evidence; he or she is a victim but…

Your contribution can help empower a child to say, “I am not defined by my abuse. I will not live as a victim.”

Early intervention can help a child have better outcomes in life. They are better prepared should there be future physical, psychological, cognitive, and behavioral development issues stemming from their abuse. Through counseling, it is reinforced that the child was in no way at fault for what happened to them, and they can develop coping skills to deal with the abuse while learning ways to avoid re-victimization.

At the CACB we do all we can to make sure that no more harm is done, that the child receives services and counseling to help improve his or her quality of life, and that the non-offending family members find the support they need to provide a safe home environment.

How do your contributions help an abused child?

Crisis counseling to provide emotional support and introduce coping strategies to three sexually abused children; provide education to non-offending caregivers on how to support their child’s recovery.

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Five hours of counseling and education on coping with trauma for a seven-year-old girl sexually abused by her father.

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Two-and-a-half hours of counseling and safety plan development for three children who have experienced sexual abuse by a loved one.

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Four children with allegations of abuse can each attend two-and-a-half hours of safety and personal boundary counseling sessions.

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