CACB is proud to be accredited as a Children’s Advocacy Center by the National Children’s Alliance – having achieved the highest level of accreditation through the most rigorous review process and successfully demonstrating adherence to each of the ten standards for accreditation.

All recipients of this accreditation must meet each of the ten Standards for Accreditation set forth by the NCA. These standards ensure that child abuse victims throughout the National Children's Alliance_Accredited Membercountry receive effective, efficient and compassionate services.

Ten Standards for Accreditation:

Learn more about the accreditation standards here:  NCA Standards for Members


Learn more about the National Children’s Alliance:

National Children’s Alliance (NCA) is the national association and accrediting body for Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs). Formed in 1988, NCA has been providing support, technical assistance, and quality assurance for CACs, while serving as a voice for abused children for more than 25 years. A children’s advocacy center is a child-friendly facility in which law enforcement, child protection, prosecution, mental health, medical and victim advocacy professionals work together to investigate abuse, help children heal from abuse, and hold offenders accountable.